Coaching isn't a career.


A calling you’ve felt pulsing inside your soul for ages now — and you’re beyond ready to answer it. And if desire was all it took to become a world-class coach, you’d be successful AF. 


When you close your eyes, you can picture the thousands of people you were placed on Earth to serve. You can feel the excitement build in your cells as you imagine your ripple effect wrapping the planet in a high-vibe blanket of profound love and awakening. And honestly, you’re secretly delighted when you visualize how much money you could earn just by changing lives. You’ve heard of coaches who earn 6, multiple 6-, or even 7-figures doing what they love. 


But then, the fantasy comes to a screeching halt.



 You snap back to your current reality and start to worry about things like:

  • Whether or not you “know enough” to help anybody
    I mean, sure you’ve got your life experience and your own personal development stories, but is that truly what your clients need? Or is there more to being a coach?
  • Whether you can make sure your clients are getting the best results possible when they work with you.
    You've been losing sleep because you care so much about your clients' growth and transformation, and you just want to feel confident about what you deliver as a coach.
  • What to do when you’re feeling lost in sessions and either rushing to fill the empty spaces with advice or struggling with what to say next.
    By the time the clock runs out, you’re actually relieved. The whole call felt like a juggling act. You wish you could ask them if you did a good job, but you don’t want to make it awkward!
  • How to deal with your “Imposter Syndrome” when it hits — because it’s definitely real, and you’ve got a bad case of it.
    You know you should be focused on the client, but you’re so anxious and racked with doubt, being present feels like an after-thought.
  • Where to go when your coaching toolbelt feels empty
    You wish you had the skills to show up confidently and create lasting transformation for your clients, but you’re seriously not sure where to start.




The 6-month coaching certification for those who are ready to step into world-class coaching & leadership


The Quantum Coaching Academy is internationally accredited through the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and designed to make you the most confident coach in the room by giving you a proven methodology that works.

The quantum coaching academy is the only program that integrates NLP, foundational + advanced coaching tools, energy work, manifestation, and spirituality in one comprehensive program.


so change







Full transparency, this isn’t a casual commitment. 

The Quantum Coaching Academy is an intensive experience, because it’s designed for more than just your “average” coach. Logistically, you’ll be spending 4-6 hours each week inside this program. Energetically, you’ll be expanding your capacity to make a bigger impact in the world.


Want to feel super legit as a coach?


The Quantum Coaching Academy is accredited through the International Coaching Federation (ICF). The ICF is the world’s largest and most recognized organization of professionally trained coaches. Representing executive coaches, life coaches, leadership coaches, relationship coaches, career coaches and more, ICF’s mission is to advance coaching so that it becomes an integral part of a thriving society.


QCA is also accredited by the Board of Neuro-Energetics for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. That means this program has met the highest accreditation standards in the entire industry.



With eight coaching certifications in ONE comprehensive program, QCA is the last coaching certification you’ll ever need to invest in.





the entire toolbox.



This is your chance to go from





Confidently showing up as a world-class coach —

with a proven method that creates profound transformation in your clients and in yourself.





The Quantum Coaching Method was developed after helping hundreds of coaches start, grow, and scale their coaching business. It’s taken countless students from lost in their mission to stepping into their Big Coach Energy. 

This is the same method I used to become a multiple 6-figure life and business coach online — but bigger than that is the legacy it’s creating. We’ve had students go from zero to $30K months in under 3 months by using these tools. They’ve been able to see their gifts in a whole new light, become powerful leaders in their industries, and get paid for their work in the world. 







…you’ve got a shiny crystal ball sitting on the table in front of you, and you can see all the way into the future. It’s 6 months from now, and you’ve just graduated from the Quantum Coaching Academy.


  • You’re magnetizing dream coaching clients right to you because you’ve activated your highest sense of purpose.
  • You no longer hide the fact that you’re a coach.
  • Now you simply own it — and you’re radiating that aligned energy for the world to see.


When clients hop on the phone with you, you can comfortably lean in and meet them wherever they are. You’ve got the tools to move them through any emotional state, clear their blocks, and help them release and rewire whatever is standing in their way. And wow do they get results.

Your waiting list is filling up, and so is your bank account. You’re finally making the money you desire by changing people’s lives. It won’t be long now before you’re leaping through that next income bracket into the one beyond.

You feel ABUNDANT.
You feel IN FLOW.

You've. Gone.






Wondering what happens after you apply?


After you submit your application, you will be prompted to book your live application call with one of our team members to get all of your questions answered and make sure that QCA is the ideal fit for you.






Business Coach



Confidence Coach



Energy & Mindset Coach


"Whether you are a brand new Coach or you’ve been in the industry for awhile, everyone will gain something from this program.  You will not only learn amazing tools to use in your sessions, you actually learn HOW TO coach.  Hands down, the best investment I’ve made in myself!"

Danielle, Self Love Coach

"When looking for a life coach program, you want a program that will empower you to be the best life coach possible. This program is not only full of information, it is incredibly hands on which allows you to step into your BCE right off the bat."

Carli, Mindset Coach

"I booked 3 discovery calls during QCA, I met soulmate friends, I manifested my business coach, I healed some of my deepest wounds around friendships and relationships, since qca ended 6 months ago i’ve made over 30k in sales. This program WILL change your life if you dont give up on yourself!"

Lea, Hypnotherapy and Business Coach


QCA equips you with the tools to maximize your impact, inclusivity, and income and become a proactive ally by raising your awareness of your biases and building your knowledge to make your coaching practice more welcoming to all.

Through our powerful DEI seminars, we strive to be on the leading edge of training inclusive and affirming coaches who will create a ripple effect of inclusive and affirming coaching spaces.









As someone who grew up and resides in a “third world” country, I felt I had a natural inferiority complex, especially because this was my first exposure to different nationalities other than my own. Going through the program, I learned to use my authentic voice, take up space, and recognize my own light. I have truly transformed from the inside out, and I can’t thank QCA + the community for being such catalysts of support in my journey.

"QCA is not like any other program in the industry, it has continued to exceed my expectations in the quality of 

heart-level service that each person involved brings in to the space."

Bella, Life Coach



As a Certified Quantum Coach, you’ll be guided through 4 powerful phases of transformation.

The Foundations of the Quantum Coaching Method

This is the springboard for the entire program. You’ll set the solid foundation to launch your quantum leap into your next coaching level.

You will dive deep into:

  • The fundamental coaching tools that will elevate your craft and increase your clients’ results
  • Your soul’s unique coaching mission, vision, and values so you can embody your place as a world-class leader
  • The Quantum Coaching session structure — i.e. how to prepare for, start, run, and close a Quantum Coaching session — you can follow with any client in any niche
  • Powerfully holding space for your clients without relating, giving advice, or trying to fix them
  • How to practice proper coaching ethics and get real-life experience as a coach and client within the program

Advanced Quantum Coaching Techniques

This is where you’ll get your hands on transformational tools and techniques so you can coach in the quantum field and create lasting change with your clients.

You’ll explore ideas and strategies for:

  • Life-changing tools and processes within our proprietary QCA Methodology — including the same tools I’ve used to transmute and transform my own clients’ long-held beliefs and pave the way for breakthrough after breakthrough
  • Advanced tools for helping your clients release energy blocks at the root cause, anchor in positive behaviors, make faster decisions, and heal their relationships
  • Interrupting old patterns and habits that date back to childhood — and sometimes previous generations
  • Eliciting powerful values for your clients, so they know what they stand for and why it’s important
  • Unique frameworks for helping your clients manifest their desires — because there’s no bigger honor than helping someone realize their dreams
  • Putting your new tools into practice in live, small group sessions with trainer feedback, so you can stay on top of your game

Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) + Hypnotherapy

This is where you’ll gain deep knowledge of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and why it’s one of the most profound tools for transformation available in the coaching industry.

You’ll discover how to:

  • Speak to your client’s unconscious mind — because the deeper you go, the higher they can reach
  • Facilitate EFT tapping, powerful visioning, and goal and intention setting within the coaching relationship
  • Utilize hypotherapy to help your clients rewire their neural pathways so they can create the life they desire
  • Master conversational hypnosis as well as meditative hypnosis for maximum transformation
  • Incorporate the power reiki energy healing expand your clients’ healing as well as your coaching practice

Quantum Business Acceleration

This is where your coaching craft becomes your coaching business.

You will be support through:

  • Live monthly business mastermind group session with QCA’s in-house business expert and coach
  • Learning how to master your discovery calls and effortlessly onboard + offboard clients into your coaching packages using our plug-and-play systems + templates
  • Guest expert trainings on finding your niche + ideal client
  • Understanding how to legally protect your coaching business, including a 1:1 client contract template
  • Technical support around designing your coaching website, creating payment + calendar links, recording your own meditations and videos, working with a virtual assistant, and more

Coaching is evidence-based and backed by neuroscience, and our program is rooted in hands-on practice and experiential learning.




What's inside the program


Unmatched training, mentorship, & hands-on practice



The Quantum Coach Training Process:

You participate in 19, two-hour live Quantum Coaching Calls with with your head trainers every week. Inside QCA, you will have 135+ live contact hours of training. In the first segment of the call, you will learn new skills every week that we will teach and demonstrate live. Then, we’ll go into break-out rooms where you’ll have the chance to practice the tools you just learned in real time.

Each week, you’ll practice your new tools with your Peer Coach and Client for 20+ sessions each. Because this is a certification program, you’ll need to log real-world coaching hours in order to graduate. If you’re reading this, you already know you’re meant to be a world-class coach, and these coaching hours will give you the hands-on experience to prove it.

You’ll meet with your own Quantum Coaching Mentor 3 times to put your new coaching skills to the test with a certified professional coach. On these 60-minute calls, you’ll personally coach your mentor, using all of the transformational tools you learn in the program. Each call will end with in-the-moment, customized feedback on your coaching progress, so you’re fully prepared to do this work with your own clients after you graduate — or even before!

Sign into your QCA training portal and review the suite of training modules waiting there inside. There’s an entire library of coaching demonstrations for when you need a quick refresher on your tools. And there are modules to walk you through the QCA method, so you can start building your coaching muscles and magnetizing your future clients as soon as you join.

Connect inside the Quantum Coaching Academy Facebook Group. Come and let your beautiful, weird, quirky self be seen for the light inside you. Be witnessed through your own transformation alongside your new besties. Be vulnerable. Celebrate yourself. Embrace your fullest expression. This is your safe space to spread your wings. We’ve got you. 

Attend two, day-long live virtual intensive trainings and a 3-day live virtual event. Six months together will create a major shift in your energy, your mindset, and your life, but these power-packed immersive events will crack you open and expand your consciousness on an entirely new level. These are live virtual experiences where you’ll explore advanced coaching tools, master your craft, and truly become the change you want to see in the world.


bonus courses!



Big Closer Energy Sales Course includes:

  • Niche Down Rise Up

  • Nail Your Marketing Message

  • Showing Up Like A Boss

  • Selling In The DM's

  • Leverage Your Connections

  • Growing Your Community

  • Crafting Your Offers

  • Social Media Sales + Strategy

Big Closer Energy Sales Course [BCE]

($1,500 VALUE)

Quantum Business Accelerator is mean to help you take The Leap From World Class Coach...to Entrepreneur! Your Intuitive Business Accelerator to help you start, grow and scale.

Receive Like A Quantum Coach

($999 VALUE) 

The Quantum Money Method will help you radically transform your relationship with money. You’ll release your old money blueprint, rewire yourself for massive abundance, and receive more than you can imagine. It’s time to finally get paid for your work in the world!



Receive Like a Quantum Coach includes:

  • Manifesting Mad Money Hypnosis
  • Money Magnet Meditation
  • EFT Tapping into Abundance

Guest Expert Trainings

($5,000 VALUE) 



Bonus Guest Expert Trainings

  • The Energetics of Trauma
  • Breathwork
  • Soulful Self-Leadership
  • From Quantum Coach to Quantum Communicator + Leader
  • DEI Trainings
  • PLUS lifetime access to all past and future new trainings!



The value for this program is well

OVER $22,000

and packed full of next-level support.



Pending Application Approval

Pay In Full


SAVE $500!

Get Started For Only


18 monthly payments




If you've read this far, you know deep down inside that something is calling you and that you're ready to take a quantum leap forward with your life.



This could be you...



Do you belong inside the Quantum Coaching Academy?


The answer is YES.

  • You're ready to follow your true calling and become a world class coach who knows exactly how to create profound and lasting results for your clients.
  • You know the best way to manifest a 6- or 7- figure business is to facilitate quantum transformations over and over again.
  • You'd love to receive more referrals from over-the-moon clients who can't wait to tell their friends and loved ones about you.
  • You're stoked to have a bag full of foundational coaching tools you can whip out whenever the situation calls for them - along with more advanced techniques to take your clients even further.
  • You're an established coach who's hit a plateau in their business, and you just can't seem to break through it on your own.
  • You've gotten this far with the tools you have, but you're certain there's a way to go deeper.
  • You've been on the lookout for a program that integrates NLP, foundational + advanced coaching tools, energy work, manifestation, and spirituality in one magical program.


The Quantum Coaching Academy runs two live cohorts per year.


Now is your chance to apply and secure your spot in our next cohort as enrollment fills quickly. 

If you’re still reading this, it’s because energetically you’re a YES for this experience.





The only thing left to do is make the commitment.








Business Coach



Empowerment Coach



Coach for Working Moms



Business and Life Coach

"I’m a month out of QCA and I’ve got 3 clients with 3 more in the pipeline. I feel confident in myself and am so happy I finally stepped into this calling. Sales so far I’ve brought in 5k this year being a coach. My goal is to have a 15k month by December."


Empowerment and Mindset Coach

"This is SO much more than a certification program. You will not be the same person coming out of it as you were going in."


Business Coach

"You WILL leave here knowing how to be an effective coach. And you will leave here with a community of humans that will support and collaborate with you. So you can relax knowing you’re investing in something with a sure outcome."